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Strawberry Skin: Understanding the Condition and Best Treatments

Strawberry skin, also known as angiomas, is a common skin condition characterized by small, raised, red, or purple spots on the skin typically at the arms and legs. While these spots are harmless, they can be unsightly and cause self-consciousness for those who have them. If you have strawberry skin, you may be wondering what […]

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most effective face serum for daily in malaysia by dr dermis - healdas

Most Effective Face Serum for Daily in Malaysia by Dr Dermis

Face Serum ranges made by Dr Dermis have been Co-developed with dermatologists to Repair, Moisture, and Strengthen your skin and can be used daily, especially for Malaysian weather. Dr Dermis’s philosophy, a strong skin is the fundamental factor to having healthy good skin. Co-developed with dermatologists who understand how the skin barrier can improve with […]

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